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Karl Marx’s real name was Mordecai Levy. He was a member of the Grand Orient Freemason Lodge, which was founded by the Bavarian Illuminati, who were in turn created by the Jesuit Order, the military wing of the Vatican, which is under the control of the Jesuit General AKA the Black Pope.
Leon’s Trotsky’s real name was Lev Davidovich Bronshtein. He was a co-conspirator and a member of the same Bavarian Illuminati-Jesuit-founded Grand Orient Freemason Lodge.
Vladimir Lenin’s real name was Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. He belonged to the same Lodge. He and his 32 fellow agents were permitted to travel in a sealed car on board a train from Germany to Russia. That makes 33 men in total, which equals the number of initiation degrees found in Masonic Lodges. In all likelihood Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was the Grand Master of the Lodge.
Joseph Stalin’s real name was Yosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili. He was a member of the same Lodge. Do not be deceived by the con. They were all conspiratorial agents working indirectly for the Jesuit Order’s mission to destroy the Russia Empire, the Russian Royal Family and the Russian Orthodox Church.



In 1996, Lord Cullen (who is numbered 1702 on the membership list of the ‘Speculative Society of Edinburgh’, which is an exclusive off-shoot of Freemasonry, Masons from Lodge Canongate Kilwinning No 2, founded the “Speculative Society” in Edinburgh in 1764 and Prince Phillip was admitted with ‘Honorary Privileges’ in 1954) led the inquiry into the massacre at Dunblane Primary School. Click here to see his report. One victim told how he was abused by Hamilton on board a cabin cruiser, (Hamilton had two boats the large cabin cruiser, Tropical Linda and the smaller speed boat Lady Sheila, both allegedly bought from the police at unrealistically low prices).
A letter to the Cullen inquiry said: “It is in the public interest that Lord Cullen be asked if he is a Freemason, given the widely held view by the public that Thomas Hamilton’s Masonic affiliation was probably the reason that the Ombudsman overturned an earlier decision by Central Regional Council in 1983 to prevent Hamilton from running youth clubs, and that his Masonic affiliation probably facilitated his application for a gun licence…..It is far too important to allow the Masonic implication to be whitewashed by furtive operations in the Freemasons, intent only in ‘diverting a discourse’ – a Masonic ruse – from the involvement of Freemasons and Freemasonry.”
A former paramedic, Sandra Uttley, who dealt with the aftermath of the killings was at the inquiry. She says;  “It is also blatantly obvious that Central Scotland Police, who were chosen to investigate the background to the murders, should never have been involved in a so-called independent inquiry. They were implicated in the events under scrutiny and continually provided Hamilton with renewals of his gun licence despite long-term and repeated warnings that this should not happen. It was known that Hamilton had friends in the police force, including one highly placed officer.” She believes that senior policemen were amongst the paedophiles who Hamilton was involved with. If you Google Sandra Uttley or Doreen Hagger you will learn some of the truth of what happened.
Next we come to the most audacious freemason cover up. Lord Cullen ordered that the papers, the evidence to his inquiry, must be locked away for 100 years. He did this on the pretext of protecting the victims. But this action was unprecedented in British law and was an obvious attempt to censor the truth. This caused so much disquiet that in 2005 the Lord Advocate lifted it. However the documents then release were heavily redacted and only a partial number were released. So the 100 year censorship is effectively still in place. The power of freemasonry to protect itself.