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The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray

Twilight over England - William Joyce

The Seven Stages of Multiculturism - Citizen One

Londonistan - Melanie Phillips

The illuminati and Deception of History - Terrance A Smart [ A MUST READ]

Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge - Jean Dubuis

The Kybalion - 3 Initiates [HERMETIC IDEAS]

A New Concept of the Universe - Walter Russell

Submission - Michel Houellebecq

The Camp of Saints - Jean Respail

A History of Central Banks & Enslavement of Mankind - Stephen Goodson

The Creature From Jekyll Island - G.Edward Griffin

The Secret Teachings of All Ages - Many P Hall

Alchemically Stoned - P.D Newman [32 degree Freemason]

Inititiation in the AEON of the Child


Infinite Mind Field - Anthony Peake

1666 Redemption Through Sin - Robert Sepehr

Healing Power of Water Dr Masuru Emoto

Essays in Radical Empiricism William James

To Kiss Earth Goodbye - Ingo Swann

Gnostic Visions - Luke A Myers

The Intention Experiment - Lynee McTaggart

Proof of the Illuminati [Wrote 1802] by Seth Payson

Classic reprint series - Fundamental Laws - A report on the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross order by Rose Cross order. [ reveals inside source of their books is The Illuminati] by Forgotten books

GOD-MAN the word made flesh by George W.Carey and Ines Eudora Perry

MICHAEL TSARION kindle books only.




1984 - George Orwell

Brave New World - Huxley


The Broken Cross - Piers Compton

The Long Livers - wrote 17th Century

Fundamental Laws : A report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order - reprinted by forgotten

P209 is interesting as it says all books listed within are part of the teachings by the Temples of the Illuminati and Illumination

P206 refers to another R.C book called "Son of God" and states this is used for propaganda work.

Well the 68TH Convocation book is full of propaganda like the virtue of hard working. Who benefits from this the boss who pays you just minimum wage whilst living in a large house?

it is much better to work for yourself then reap from the effort you sow.

I have many books in PDF format that are hard to get - these include most of the works of Gurjieff and books by his students, many Rose Cross documents, many files on secret societies, many numerology XLS speadsheets, Joseph P Farell, Nicholas Goodrick Clarke, some on Zero point energy, some on the Nazi's and the occult.

I am always interested in trading with other seekers of esoteric knowledge. email my email filters see gmail and hotmail as spam.